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Beat the FX market and earn consistent profits with Bot Powered FX — the #1 Forex EA and trading automation software.


Our Product

Our automated trading software allows anyone to trade like an expert, offering a shortcut for anyone to start earning a profit from the Forex market regardless of experience, budget, or spare time.

Featuring advanced technical indicators and pattern recognition to identify profitable trading opportunities — BPFX automatically executes your trading strategy to generate consistent profits.

Operational 24/5 so that you never miss a chance to take profit

Automatically places buy and sell orders to earn steady returns



Avg. Annual Return



$50M +

Total User Profit to Date


Uptime and Availability




Hidden Fees or Limitations

Operational 24/5 so that you never miss a chance to take profit

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How it Works



After purchasing Bot Powered FX with VPS hosting and account management, the software will begin automatically buying and selling to generate a steady return on investment.

Uses advanced indicators to identify profitable trading opportunities.

Interprets market data and signals, and automatically executes trades.


BPFX is an Expert Advisor (EA) and automated trading software solution, which automatically opens and closes trades based on preset rules.

Allows users to take profit from automated short-term investment strategies.

Uses chart analysis, automated swing trading, and the Martingale strategy to safely generate returns.


Grow your portfolio, save time, and shape your financial future with  — the BPFX world’s #1 automated Forex Trading EA software.


Advanced Automated FX trading software

Earns consistent profits by identifying and executing profitable trades

Professional-level technical indicators and quality signals for consistent results

Your software is hosted 24/7 on a premium private server for 100% uptime and availability

Expert support and advice from a personal account manager